5 Tips When Going on a One Source Talent Interview – January 31st, 2013

Landing an interview with One Source Talent can be a very exciting but also very stressful event. To help you, here are 5 Tips when going on your Modeling and Acting Interview that will not only increase your chances of getting the job, but also boosting your confidence to ensure you do not make a mistake during the interview process.

Make sure to be prepared

Always have everything you need to take with you long before the interview takes place. This will ensure that you do not forget something important by mistake or grab the wrong item. Always double check exactly what the agent is going to look at because it will look very bad to not be able to provide what they ask for. If the agency asks you to bring photos make sure and ask exactly what type of photos they will require, or you could always check and see if they have the submission requirements on their website.

Get rid and mask any type of negative emotions

Going into a interview as a nervous wreck is a recipe for disaster. Its ok and normal to feel a little nervous and excited about the experience but make sure not to let it take over and ruin your chance with the agency. Everyone copes with nerves and negative emotions differently, do whatever it takes to reduce them to a minimum. Practice your interview in a mirror, practice with a friend, imagine it over and over in your head, and many other exercises can help cope with the emotions. Practicing and imagining the interview will help you predict what can happen during the interview, so nothing takes you by surprise. If by the time the interview comes and you still have a great deal of nervousness, try and use it to keep on your toes and stay positive. This is your shot at becoming a model, why let your own emotions ruin it?

Act professional throughout the entire OST interview process

Although having attitude and not being shy is the one of the most given tips in this industry, make sure to keep it professional. The last thing you want is for the agent to look at you as a arrogant, high maintenance, and unprofessional person. Keeping eye contact, having excellent body language, and proper manners can make all the difference in an interview. When answering questions, make sure not go off topic or ramble, keep your answers straight to the point with enough confidence to ensure the agent that you stand by them.

Be ready to act fast

The agent might ask you to do a runway walk, picture pose, or anything else that would help them determine if your ready to be a model. Make sure you are ready and able to complete any tasks that they ask of you. When the agent asks you a question, its best not to wait to long to answer, the faster you start to answer with confidence then better.

Leave with a confident, professional, and graceful attitude

At the end of the interview, make sure they see you leave with your head up high, knowing you did well. Even if the agent gives you some feedback, do not take it personally. Always shake their hand while keeping eye contact and good body language because this will ensure the agent you are ready for the modeling industry. If you leave on bad terms with the agent, you will most likely not get the contract and would be less likely to have another interview with the agency.

And there you have it, 5 Tips When Going on a Modeling Interview with One Source Talent.

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